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Vitas Svigaris: Balancing Family, Music, and Education – Co-Author of “Who Educates Parents?”
Vitas Svigaris's journey exemplifies the power of dedication, continuous learning, and balancing multiple passions. As he strives to achieve his goals, he remains a testament to the impact of family influence and the pursuit of one's dreams., 7/10/2024 - Vilnius, Lithuania – Vitas Svigaris, a 23-year-old trailblazer, is making waves in both his educational pursuits and professional life, all while contributing to his family's legacy. With his recent enrollment in Berklee Online’s Songwriting and Producing Music undergraduate degree program, Svigaris has embarked on a journey of continuous learning, inspired by his family's dedication to education and hard work.

Svigaris, who graduated with his bachelor's degree in May 2024, has wasted no time in pursuing his graduate studies.

Never Stop Learning

"You should never stop learning," says Svigaris, emphasizing the importance of continuous education as he juggles two jobs. His first job involves working in the family business, manufacturing heat transfers for major brands like Nike, Adidas, and Lululemon. His second venture is a personal business selling point-of-sale programming systems in Lithuania.

Known for his workaholic tendencies, Svigaris demonstrates an unwavering commitment to both his professional and academic endeavors. He credits his disciplined approach to his early education at the esteemed National M. K. Ciurlionis School of Art, where he learned the value of hard work and dedication.

Svigaris's appreciation for the positive feedback and constructive criticism he receives from his instructors at Berklee Online has been a significant motivator. This supportive environment has allowed him to flourish and maintain his enthusiasm for learning.

Despite his busy schedule, Svigaris finds solace in creating and listening to peaceful music, which helps him stay focused while working on complex programming tasks. His compositions reflect a contemplative tranquility, providing a serene backdrop for his professional activities.

Svigaris attributes his work ethic and passion for learning to his father, Žilvinas Svigaris, a philosopher and author of the newly launched book, "Who Educates Parents?" The elder Svigaris, who holds a PhD in philosophy, has always valued education and now dedicates his time to writing, finding joy and relaxation in his literary pursuits.

Co-Author of “Who Educates Parents?”

One of the unique aspects of "Who Educates Parents?" is the inclusion of children’s viewpoints. Žilvinas's children, including Vitas, offer candid insights into how they perceive their parents' efforts, providing a fresh and often eye-opening perspective on parenting.

These reflections help readers understand the impact of their actions and decisions from the child's point of view, making it easier to connect with and support their children.

My Goal: Retire by 40 to Pursue Music Full-Time

"In my ideal world, I want to finish working at the company at the age of 40 and then focus solely on music," says Vitas Svigaris. "My dad always said that the thing that relieves him most is writing books. His dedication to his passions has inspired me to pursue my own with the same vigor."

For more information about Vitas Svigaris and his musical journey, please contact:

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Vitas Svigaris


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