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Sri Trang introduces an alternative job "Super Driver" to traditional natural rubber planter
To create natural rubber delivery network from plantations to factories, strengthening 'Sri Trang Ecosystem', 11/23/2022 - Sri Trang Agro-Industry PCL (SET: STA) opens Aappplications for whom is interested to become "Super Drivers", creatipng a secondary career and extra income for rubber planter and building rubber delivery network from plantations to factories of the Sri Trang Group. In order to connect all stakeholders in the rubber industry ecosystem and for STA to play a part in the drive towards the digital age.

Mr. Veerasith Sinchareonkul, Managing Director & Executive Director of Sri Trang Agro-Industry PCL (SET: STA), one of the world's biggest leaders in the integrated natural rubber business, revealed that following the Company's launch of the "Sri Trang Friends" Application, which was the first and the main Application that integrated various services to support plantation owners and trading partners, as well as other related services through the digital system, until recently when the new "Sri Trang Friends Station" was launched as the rubber trading program to allow interested natural rubber planters across the country to apply to join, to facilitate a more transparent and professional rubber trading business. This is a major development that will propel the Thai rubber industry towards the digital age, connecting all the people involved in Thailand's natural rubber industry ecosystem.

Most recently, the Sri Trang Group initiated the new "Super Driver" model, acting as "heroes" of the rubber planters to provide rubber delivery services to Sri Trang rubber factories for fellow rubber planters who may be constrained by distance. The "Super Drivers" will pick up the rubber from plantation owners who require this service and then deliver the products to Sri Trang factories, thus alleviating the problems associated with approaching the factories and the delivery of rubber. Initially, the program is being launched as pilot projects in Loei and Ubon Ratchathani provinces and will soon be introduced throughout the country.

The major differences that makes the "Super Driver" model special are the approach and the application process. The main target groups are the rubber planters or those with families in the rubber plantation or rubber delivery businesses with their own delivery trucks and who like to earn extra income while being ready to be the representatives for delivery, and collect various types of natural rubber, such as fresh latex, cup lump rubber, raw rubber sheets and ribbed smoked rubber sheets from plantations in nearby vicinity to be delivered to factories in the Sri Trang Group. The main objective of the "Super Driver" recruitment is to create an additional income stream for rubber planters and related people, along with to help the rubber planters to have direct access to the factories as if having the factories located right on the gates of their plantations. This is also in line with the Company's policy to conduct its businesses sustainably by caring for the stakeholders in all sectors.

There are no application fees for the applicants. Moreover, they will receive the following benefits : 1) the ready-for-use POS with downloaded Application; 2) a floor-stand weighing scale; 3) A gift set for Super Driver, etc. The income from the delivery of rubber to the factory plus the diligence bonus for each "Super Driver" is expected to approximately amount to18,500 baht per month.

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