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Dr. Paresh Doshi Best Deep Brain Stimulation Neurosurgeon
Dr. Paresh Doshi

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Neurosurgery's Finest: Dr. Paresh Doshi's Unparalleled Skills
Dr. Paresh Doshi primary goal is to swiftly enroll patients in treatment programs to effectively manage symptoms and enhance their quality of life. Dr. Paresh Doshi has 30 years of experience.

Dr. Paresh Doshi, 9/17/2023 - Neurosurgery is a medical procedure that utilizes invasive techniques to diagnose, investigate, and treat neurological diseases, disorders, or injuries. For instance, it may involve the removal of a brain tumor or the insertion of a deep brain stimulation device. When any part of the nervous system is harmed due to illness or injury, it can have widespread effects on the entire body.

Dr. Paresh Doshi, based at Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai, is a renowned consultant neurosurgeon and a world-leading expert on Parkinson's disease. He is dedicated to raising awareness about treatments for Parkinson's across the country. The top neurosurgeon at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai has pioneered numerous groundbreaking surgeries for patients with severe and rare cases of Parkinson's disease and is actively engaged in clinical research in this field. Dr. Paresh Doshi primary goal is to swiftly enroll patients in treatment programs to effectively manage symptoms and enhance their quality of life. With over 30 years of experience, the top neurosurgeon at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai has provided neurological surgery to patients in India and worldwide. Dr. Paresh Doshi places the well-being of his patients at the forefront of his approach to all neurosurgical issues, whether they are simple or extremely complex. He emphasizes holistic care and wellness, offering both surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Additionally, he is the only neurosurgeon to perform deep brain stimulation (DBS) in patients with cardiac pacemakers and has a remarkable success rate, having completed the highest number of stereotactic procedures in India with a success rate exceeding 95%.

Top neurosurgeon at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai, enjoys international recognition for his expertise in treating brain and spine conditions through both traditional surgery and non-invasive radiosurgery. Dr. Paresh Doshi is well-versed in minimally invasive surgical techniques and the use of non-surgical treatment options. No matter the nature of your condition, you can trust that his approach combines cutting-edge technology with compassion and personalized care. Top neurosurgeon at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai, emphasizes the importance of understanding his patients as individuals, recognizing that this is a crucial aspect of delivering the best possible treatment for each patient's neurological condition.

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Dr. Paresh Doshi

MBBS, M.S (General Surgery), M.Ch (Neurosurgery)

Phone No: +91-9325887033

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