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Franchise Law
Franchise Law
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MARIO L. HERMAN Provides Arbitration Representation in Franchise Disputes
Washington D.C., USA – November 23, 2022 – MARIO L. HERMAN offers exceptional legal services in Franchise law. Some of his services include mediation, reviewing franchise, 11/23/2022 - Washington D.C., USA – November 23, 2022 – MARIO L. HERMAN offers exceptional legal services in Franchise law. Some of his services include mediation, reviewing franchise disclosure documents, litigating in court and arbitrations, and many more services. The attorney is committed to ensuring that clients get outstanding legal solutions. Over the years, he has contributed articles on franchising to the Wall Street Journal and has been interviewed on radio and television about franchise issues. In addition, the attorney is always happy to help clients solve various legal problems.

The spokesperson stated, "Buying a franchise is usually a common quick-start business opportunity. Franchises have a tried and true item that fits consumers' needs, brand recognition, and many more. Before jumping to this business attorney, clients need to make sure that they have identified the risks in advance. They should look for an experienced franchise lawyer as they can help them decide if purchasing a franchise is the right fit for them."

MARIO L. HERMAN is an experienced and reliable franchise agreement attorney in the USA. He typically knows the ins and outs of franchise law. The attorney understands that franchisors must adhere to the Franchise Code of Conduct and comply with Federal Trade Commission regulations. That is why he is committed to assisting clients in reviewing comprehensive franchise disclosure documents for prospective franchisees. The attorney also helps develop a franchise agreement for new franchisees to sign. He has ample experience in the field. Thus, clients can be sure of constantly receiving top-quality legal solutions. Those wondering where to find a franchise contract review attorney can consider contacting the lawyer.

Speaking about franchise arbitration, the company spokesperson said, "A franchise agreement normally calls for arbitration in case a franchise agreement dispute arises. Over the years, franchise arbitration has typically become a major alternative dispute resolution method to traditional franchise litigation. It enables various franchisees to settle matters quickly and outside the public eye. During an arbitration process, an appointed arbitrator (normally a retired judge) listens to both sides of the dispute and gives a binding decision."

Want to hire the best lawyer for franchise arbitration in the USA? MARIO L. HERMAN offers arbitration representation in franchise and contract disputes that include franchise agreements, false earnings claims, trademark violations, non-compete agreements, and many more. He also has experience with issues involving the Federal Trade Commission, which include fraud and more. The attorney is dedicated to representing clients' rights and their franchise rights. With the lawyers' services, one can be confident of getting legal solutions that cause minimal interruptions to their business. In addition, the lawyer provides free consultation services to all of his clients.


MARIO L. HERMAN offers a wide array of legal services. Over the years, he has represented franchise owners with restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, fitness centers, postal communication centers, health and wellness centers, and many more. With a lawyer, clients can be sure of getting specialized legal services.

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