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Josie Bray
+1 617-767-3676
16 Pine Tree Ln

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Josie Bray Offers Training for Understanding the 7 Chakras
Josie Bray, a highly talented producer and facilitator, offers daily practices for understanding 7 chakras., 12/25/2022 - People in the art world, such as dancers and artists, sometimes require training or practices that help build their skills and keep them fit. Josie Bray is a talented and highly knowledgeable producer, dancer, theatre artist, and director. She is committed to combining healing and art to build new features for people, including healing through new narratives, through stories that have been hidden or silenced, and healing that comes through work in people’s bodies, actions, energy, communities, and actions. She has been commended greatly for her skills in helping professionals such as dancers, actors, writers, and artistic directors become better at their work through her personal growth and theatrical solutions. Through self-care, somatic healing, community care, storytelling, and visceral art experiences, she is able to help people heal their spirits and be in the right relationship with each other and with the earth.

In response to a query about her services, the spokesperson of Josie Bray commented, “Josie is multi-talented and heavily gifted. She plays the role of a teacher, producer, bodyworker, facilitator, and somatic practitioner seamlessly. She believes that by tuning into our bodies and breathing, we can cause transformations regarding who we are in the world. This gives people a better capacity to show up for themselves when needed. She believes the body is a vessel to our souls, and she believes through the solutions she offers, the world can be what we want we want it to be.”

Josie Bray has worked in different areas and places. She has worked in church basements and on Broadway. She has taught in luxury fitness centers, Yoga studios, at the Y, universities, and under-funded middle schools. She has also worked with wide-ranging people from different backgrounds. Some of these include youths, elders, wall street executives, people without homes, elite dancers & figure skaters, queer & trans people, and people who cannot walk. Josie Bray connects spirituality into her work, and this is done through meditation, prayer, and an exploration of the subtle body, which also includes the Chakra system. She is available to provide mentorship for performers, creatives, and leaders in various fields. People interested in learning about the 7 chakra meditation benefits can contact her through her phone line.

The spokesperson added, “The focus of Josie’s work surrounds helping people do better in their lives and career. She firmly believes that health is contagious and that we can all choose to heal. Thus, she provides people with daily practices that help with exploring and understanding the 7 Chakras just within 5-15 minutes every day. In the 21-day chakra activation she offers, trainees are provided with course materials, including PDFs and audio recordings. She encourages people to practice the chakra principles they learn in their lives.”

Josie Bray practices with renowned chakra teacher and herbalist Debra Bluth. She has also been a student of former Martha Graham dancer and acupuncturist Marcus Schulkind.

About Josie Bray:

Josie Bray is a versed facilitator, director, producer, and somatic practitioner. Those who want to know more about bray theater can visit her website.

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