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Lisa Resnick

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Connecting with Care: Reach out to Dr. Anjila Aneja at Fortis Hospital, Delhi
Patients can get in contact Dr. Anjila Aneja Fortis Hospital Delhi as she is expertise extends to medical care for the female reproductive system, and she serves as a consultant for pregnant women.

Dr. Anjila Aneja In Delhi, 2/27/2024 - Obstetric and gynecologic surgical procedures refer to interventions performed to address various conditions affecting the female reproductive organs. The key components of the reproductive system include the vagina, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Obstetrics is the medical specialty that concentrates on women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Gynecology, on the other hand, is a broader field that emphasizes overall healthcare for women and the treatment of conditions impacting the female reproductive organs.

A gynecologist plays a crucial role in managing women's health issues. By getting in contact Dr. Anjila Aneja Fortis Hospital Delhi, a specialist in gynecology at Fortis Delhi known for her friendly nature, you can receive preventive care and assistance in managing any health concerns in a supportive manner. Best gynecologist surgeons of India have various specializations, including gynae oncology, robotic surgery, colposcopy, advanced gynae laparoscopy, and hysteroscopy. With over 23 years of experience in laparoscopic surgery, she has successfully performed more than 5000 cases. Notably, patients can get in contact Dr. Anjila Aneja Fortis Hospital Delhi as she was the first in India to perform 3D laparoscopy in gynecology. Best gynecologist surgeons of India provide preconception health counseling and genetic testing for mothers-to-be who wish to plan for a healthy pregnancy. As her patient, you can be assured of her commitment to addressing your healthcare needs personally, professionally, and confidentially.

A woman experiences a range of physical and physiological changes throughout her life, from menstruation to the late stages of menopause. Patients can get in contact Dr. Anjila Aneja Fortis Hospital Delhi, which offers comprehensive care to her female patients at every stage. Whether it involves diagnosing and treating conditions like endometriosis or addressing menopausal symptoms, she ensures that her patients receive thorough attention. Best gynecologist surgeons of India emphasize the importance of early detection in managing gynecological concerns effectively. This approach is crucial for implementing preventive and remedial measures successfully. She is well-equipped to provide patient-centered consultations, assessments, and treatments with the utmost sensitivity and respect. All consultations are conducted in a comfortable and private environment at Fortis Hospital Delhi.

India laparoscopy surgery service stands out as one of the premier medical service providers globally, catering to patients seeking affordable obstetrical and gynecological care in India. With the collaboration of the best gynecologists and top-notch hospitals in the country, our mission is to ensure 100 percent patient satisfaction by delivering high-quality obstetrical and gynecological surgical treatments at cost-effective rates. We specialize in assisting patients in evaluating optimal treatment options and destinations throughout India while providing estimates for associated costs. Based on your medical requirements, we facilitate the hospital check-in process and ensure you receive the necessary medical assistance and care. Our commitment is to offer comprehensive support to ensure a seamless and satisfactory healthcare experience.

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