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Author Earl James Pulls A Neat Heist With Morrow's Con:Opening Gambit
A book full of twists and turns make the book dramatically unputdownable., 1/23/2023 - SEATTLE, WA, JANUARY 23, 2023 - Prolific author Earl James has come with a magnanimous new book titled Morrow's Con: Opening Gambit. This new mystery crime thriller promises to be one of the finest an avid reader has ever laid their hands on and keeps them on the edge throughout. His book isn't another race of the protagonist to be able to see the next day's sunrise but rather a gripping tale of cat and mouse chase that is so invigorating so as to keep one up all night till sunrise to finish the book! "Morrow's Con is full of twists and turns where he is sometimes the hunter, and sometimes the hunted. The reader can't help but feel everything that Morrow is feeling all through the book", said Earl James.

Living in Seattle in the beautiful state of Washington, Earl James has authored many genres of novels for the better part of the decade. His writing style is highly natural and that is evident in how he develops his characters. Morrow's Con shows that Earl is tremendously methodical and precise in his character development and designing of the storyline that is streamlined in a single thread. There is not a single moment in the book where the reader will feel sequestered with forced plots running wayward. Rather, the situational gravity and the oft hilarity of Morrow's Con makes it one of the most well written books in the past several years.

"I had been wanting to write a crime thriller for a long time. Even though I wish I had started authoring earlier in life, I'm still glad Morrow's Con was penned at a time when not just research, but age and experience was required to write it. With age comes wisdom, they say. The protagonist, Morrow, shows the rashness of a youth in the beginning and the wisdom of a late-ager as the book progresses. If you find yourself entertained by a good thriller, then you'll love this book. Pick up your copy today!", said Earl James.


Morrow's Con is a mystery crime thriller that has been written by Earl James. He lives in Seattle, WA, with his wife.


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