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Airtek Energy Systems Limited
+86 13182233736
No. 18, Qidong Road, Huadong Town, Huadu District,

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Airtek Offers Fruit Dryer Machine in China
Airtek is a reputable brand that provides dehydrator machines for industrial and commercial applications in China., 1/23/2023 - Airtek, a leading manufacturer in China of food drying devices, sets production standards as the only ISO9001 & ISO22000 certified food dehydration equipment plant in China. Their high-quality machines are widely used in industries like food processing, meat processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, etc. They create and produce their latest product lines under strict quality control based on the principle of "Quality First" to better serve customers around the world.

A question about their dehydrators prompted a statement from an Airtek representative. The drying chamber and the heat pump dryer are the two major parts of our heat pump fruit dryer. When the high-temperature, high-pressure gas from the compressor passes through the condenser, heat is liberated from it, and the circulation fan subsequently disperses it throughout the chamber.

The Airtek dehydrator uses a heat pump to dry food while preserving its nutritional value effectively. This makes it a great choice for companies who wish to dry their food to protect the health of their customers. The Airtek dehydrator can maintain your food's appearance and flavor at a maximum temperature of 80°C. This device may reduce your electricity costs while still giving you wholesome dry food because of its energy-efficient functioning. Those who are looking to purchase food dryer machine for their business in China should consider Airtek as their top choice.

The spokesperson further added. "Inside the drying chamber, there are partition sheets and fan motors that employ the forced ventilation feature to ensure a hot air cycle, allowing the raw materials to be dried uniformly. The substance never degenerates, oxidizes, discolours, deforms, dries entirely, rehydrates properly, and preserves its nutritive value."

About Airtek

Airtek is a Chinese manufacturer that is known for producing high-quality food drying machines. With a team consisting of talented engineers, Airtek is continuously improving product quality and increasing production. This dehydrator machine helps users dry a variety of fruits and vegetables quickly and efficiently. Once dried, fruits and vegetables can then be sliced or polished depending on the desired use. Those who are looking to purchase fruit dyer machine in China should consider Airtek as their top choice.

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