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Durapak Supplies
1900 Tyler Avenue, Ste N
South El Monte, Ca 91733, USA

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Durapak Supplies
created on: 10/26/2016
Durapak Supplies is a packaging and shipping company based in Los Angeles, California. They deal in cable ties and twist ties, shrink film wrap, polyolefin or PVC, packaging supplies, PVC and PET boxes, containers, clear or printed tape, mailer, stretch film, plastic bags and paper bags. They also do strapping, custom poly bags, ribbons and organza fabric bags, sealer and equipment, janitorial and safety supplies, gloves all in the same place.

Latest Briefings:
Durapak Supplies, A Top Wholesale Packaging Supplier in the USA 136 views
11/21/2023, Durapak Supplies prides itself on offering a comprehensive selection of shipping materials and packaging supplies. read more
Durapak Supplies: A Place to Buy PVC Boxes and Plastic Pouches with Zipper 193 views
8/22/2023, Durapak Supplies is a premier destination for individuals buying PVC boxes and plastic pouches with zippers. read more
Durapak Supplies Offers Plastic Pouches With Zippers and Clear Gift Boxes for Packaging 190 views
7/06/2023, Durapak Supplies is a leading packaging material supplier for commercial and residential clients in the USA. read more
Durapak Supplies: Dealers of Clear Plastic Boxes and Gift Boxes 196 views
5/26/2023, Durapak Supplies, a top supply company, offers its clients quality plastic boxes, shrink bags, and gift boxes. read more
Durapak Supplies Offers Plastic Gift Boxes In the USA 216 views
4/27/2023, Durapak Supplies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality packaging supplies such as clear plastic boxes in the USA. read more
Durapak Supplies Offers Bubble Mailers in Bulk and Other Shipping Products 206 views
3/23/2023, Durapak Supplies, a trusted shipping supply company, provides bubbler mailers in bulk and other wholesale shipping supplies. read more
Durapak Supplies Offers Top-quality Shrink Bags and Poly Bags 211 views
2/24/2023, Durapak Supplies is a company based in California providing large to small businesses with the best packaging and shipping supplies at reasonable prices. read more
Durapak Supplies Offers Durable Shrink Wrap Bags and Clear Gift Boxes 247 views
1/23/2023, Durapak Supplies, a leading shipping supply company, provides ship wrap bags and clear gift boxes. read more
Durapak Supplies Offers Bubble Mailers in Wholesale 220 views
1/06/2023, Durapak Supplies, a leading shipping supplies company, offers bubble mailers in bulk. read more
Durapak Supplies Offers Plastic Boxes For Packaging 184 views
12/01/2022, Durapak Supplies is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of packaging supplies in the USA. read more

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