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3603 Edison Place
Rolling Meadows, IL

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Best Inc.
created on: 1/18/2021
BEST Inc. provides PCB and component test, repair, and rework services. These services also include consulting expertise on processor rework problems. They act as an outsourced reverse logistics supplier, including turnkey receiving, shipping, and repair services. The individuals looking for PCB rework training should consult BEST Inc.

Latest Briefings:
BEST Inc. Provides Effective BGA Rework Process Services 111 views
5/25/2023, BEST Inc., a leading electronics and solder training company, provides BGA rework services and solutions. read more
BEST Inc. Offers IPC Re-certification and Certification Training 131 views
5/18/2023, BEST Inc., a trusted electronics and solder training company, offers IPC certification and recertification training. read more
BEST Inc. offers Professional Soldering Training Service 171 views
5/05/2023, BEST Inc. is a company made up of soldering geeks who train electronic companies and their employees to be more effective through professional instruction. read more
BEST Inc. Provides BGA Inspection Services and IPC A-610 Certification Training 154 views
4/18/2023, BEST Inc., a leading electronics and solder training company, provides BGA inspection services and IPC A-610 certification training. read more
BEST Inc. Offers Exceptional Solder Certification Programs 189 views
4/14/2023, BEST Inc. is a company that has been providing solder training in Ohio, Wisconsin, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, and other parts of the US. read more
BEST Inc. Provides Flexible Solder Training Services in North Carolina 143 views
3/20/2023, BEST Inc. offers outstanding soldering training services across the USA. They understand that some organizations lack a room at the plant location for a training room. That is why the company provides flexible solutions to such organizations. read more
BEST Inc., A Leading Electronics and Solder Training Company offers BGA Rework and Reballing Service 210 views
3/20/2023, BEST Inc., a top electronics and solder training company, provides BGA reballing and rework services. read more
BEST Inc. Offers Exceptional PCB Inspection and IPC-A-620 Training Programs 165 views
3/12/2023, BEST Inc. is a company offering IPC courses taught by professionals who not only know the material but have also performed the soldering techniques thousands of times on real customers' boards to provide their effectiveness and reliability. read more
BEST Inc. Provides Affordable IPC Certification Training Services 219 views
3/02/2023, BEST Inc., a leading electronics and solder training company, provides IPC certification courses in Indiana. read more
BEST Inc. Offers Specialist IPC-A-610 Certification Course 177 views
1/11/2023, BEST Inc. offers IPC classes taught by certified instructors who are not only well-versed with IPC soldering materials but also have some experience undertaking soldering techniques numerous times on clients' actual PCBs. read more

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